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A N M Bazlur Rahman


A N M Bazlur Rahman

Senior Developer at Loblaw Digital

Bazlur has more than eight years of experience coding in Java, which includes numerous projects — academic, professional, and personal.

He is currently working as a Senior Developer at Loblaw Digital, Canada. Before working here, he worked at one of the largest providers of mobile financial services in Bangladesh called bKash, where he made a significant contribution to team formation and development of several mission-critical products. One of the products has more than 10 million userbases.

In addition to his regular work, he loves to mentor, write, and contribute to an open-source project. He is also the founder and current moderator of a Java user group (JUG) in Bangladesh, where he organized technical sessions, workshops to share knowledge related to Java. Besides, he published four books on the Java programming language; one of them was on the bestseller list in Bangladesh.

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Bazlur Rahman