We need to learn how to be an accountable person

A N M Bazlur Rahman


There is a saying which goes “we have three hands – ডান হাত, বা হাত এবং অজুহাত- left hand, right hand and the excuse which is the “অজুহাত” in Bangla”.

Cognitive dissonance (CD) helps the most people to elude accountability. CD is a self-protection mechanism by which we human justify our actions, it doesn’t matter what is. Our brains work to line up our beliefs, attitude towards our actions and our expectation. When there is a disconnect or dissonance, we become uncomfortable and make things up or change our thinking process to align according to your feelings and that’s when we do snap judgment and start blaming others or denying mistake and make excuses.

However, excuses are the antithesis of accountability. Accountability is the acknowledgment and assumption of responsibility for the actions and outcomes. It is normal to make a mistake because we are only human. We need to learn how to own mistake and move forward in a positive manner. An accountable person does that. 

An accountable person, that’s what we need to be. 

Well, being a human, its is not possible to do everything that is out there. However, there is a fine line between what needs to be done and what are the available things to be done. We just need to do what needs to be done and avoid excuses! That’s the root of all success.

We are all going to make mistakes at some point. Though both making mistakes and making excuses are human phenomena, however, making excuses doesn’t change the mistake that is made. We should rather, acknowledge the mistake and step forward and do something.

In a world of talkers, we need to be a thinker and a doer. That’s all. 

We need to learn how to be an accountable person.