I’m writing a book

A N M Bazlur Rahman


Yes, that’s true!

It’s a book about a programming language called Java. The written language of the book is Bangla, and I targeting mostly Bangladeshi developers who know a basic programming language eg C or python and want to explore Java.

I, in fact, intend to write three separate part of the book.

Here is the outline of the books: 

Java :  Part 1 (Basic Java)

  1. Introduction 
  2. Your First Java Programming 
  3. Syntax 
  4. Data Types, Operators 
  5. Control flow-looping-branching 
  6. Array 
  7. Object Oriented Programming 
  8. Exception Handling 
  9. Generics 
  10. Java IO 
  11. Java NIO 
  12. String Operations 
  13. Collection Framework 
  14. Core Utilities 
  15. Unit Testing 

Java : Part 1.5 ( Java 8)

  1. Intro – like why should you care 
  2. Lambda Expression 
  3. Functional programming using Java 
  4. Stream API 
  5. New utilities-> Optional, Future, Completable Future etc 
  6. New Date Time API

Java : Part 2 (Advance Java)

  1. Java Memory Model 

  2. Thread & Concurrency 

  3. Annotation Processing 

  4. Java Reflection API 

  5. Java NIO2 → asynchronous I/O 

  6. Java Networking 

  7. JDBC 

  8. Example 

  9. Single Threaded Web server 

  10. Multi-Threaded Web Server 

  11. Multiplexed Web Server 

The first one is complete and hopefully, will be published by late November.